Road Trip to Maine

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Road trip to Bar Harbor, Maine.

Day 1: Philly --> New Hampshire. Set up camp, saw the Old Man of the Mountain and the Basin. Made hotdogs for dinner and giant marshmellows over the camp fire. Then had my first camping experience! Very cool hearing the rain outside the tent all night.

Day 2: New Hampshire --> Bar, Harbor, Maine. Found a hotel than walked around the town. Loster Carbonara for dinner <3

Day 3: Arcadia National Park. Rained all day but still gorgeous views! Wrapped my camera in a plastic bag and went out into the downpour and absurdly strong winds. Than hit the movies in the coolest old theater. Watched "A Walk in the Woods" from the balcony.

Day 4: Maine --> Philly.

Short clips from the road:

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